La Familia Crespo

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Pretty Girl!

Thanks Auntie Jackie for the very pretty ('s not pink) comfy dress (you know we dislike the fluffy type)! Everyone at church raved about it this past Sunday!

West Side Girls

This past Friday Cristiana had a fun play date with the other "West Side girls" from our mommy and me group, Amelia and Ava. We didn't get to jump in the pool because Tropical Storm Fay provided us with a week long of non stop rain but the girls still had a great time playing w/Ava's toys. It's amazing how much the girls have grown. Ava and Cristiana met at our mommy and me tea when Cristiana was only 3 weeks old and Ava was about 6-7 weeks old and look at them now! Thanks Kristin and Ava for being such great hostesses!

Amelia strikes a pose while Cristiana gives mommy a big cheesy smile!!

We LOVE Magazines!

Cristiana LOVES magazines. Every time I'm looking over one or I get one in the mail she always reaches for them. She loves to stare at the bright pictures and I think the sound as well as the feeling of the type of paper is what she really loves. After handling the magazine with her hands she usually will scoot the magazine down to her feet and go crazy crinkling the pages as well as turning them with her feet.

The magazines also seem to make a good morning or afternoon snack :).

Mommy hair cut

So I finally decided to treat myself to a haircut this weekend. It's been so long that my hair dresser even forgot I was pregnant when I showed her Cristiana. It was nice to be able to sit back and be pampered. It was definitely better than my usual treat of eyebrow waxing, which I'm not sure anyone would call a treat.

I-Drive Fun

This past weekend Jaime and I decided to treat our cravings for Tony Roma's ribs and headed towards I-Drive. We haven't been to a Tony Roma's since they closed the one near our house. After eating we walked around the shoppes at Point Orlando. Cristiana seemed to have a great time, especially since it wasn't so hot during our outing. On our way back to the car I sneezed and Cristiana smiled, so Jaime faked sneezed and she started to giggle. She had a giggle fest as we both started to fake sneeze for her. Fortunately our digital camera takes video and we were able to capture this moment. The video volume is low so make sure to pause the music at the bottom of the page and turn up the volume before you hit play.

Cristiana is finally sitting up on her own. She topples over still after a few minutes but she's doing it all on her own. I was a little worried when we went to our 6 month visit and she was still not tripoding very well but a little over 1 wk later and she's up all on her own. I needed to remind myself that she was 4 wks early and technically a month behind, but she's doing incredibly well and both mommy and daddy are so excited that she's developing so quickly in the past few weeks!

Staying Home

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After a lot of thinking and praying, Jaime and I decided that it would be best for our family both financially and emotionally that I stay home with Cristiana. It was a hard decision because I do love teaching and it will mean a complete lifestyle change for us, but it's definitely the best decision for our family. I'm very excited to stay home with her and be able to experience her first everything.

Cristiana loves spending time with her Godparents Justin and Chantelle. I know, she doesn't look thrilled in the picture (she was having a bad day) but she does love her Godparents. We love them too!!!

Chantelle is reading "Guess How Much I Love You" to Cristiana. Chantelle is a professional at reading stories since she's an English teacher. You can tell how good she is by looking at how much Justin is enjoying the book as well as Cristiana. :)