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I can't believe Cristiana is already a 1yr & 1/2. I swear time flies so quickly.
She had a great Doctor visit. Doc says she looks great and was a wonderful patient as usual. We did spend a lot of time talking about sleeping since after I blogged that she was sleeping better she started her all night long wakings again! (I must have jinxed myself). Besides that she is growing fast and has grown much taller, she's 32in, that puts her in the 70th% which is not bad considering her parents are on the short side. She's 23.4 lbs which keeps on the same 50% curve as before. She got 1 shot during this visit and again my little tough girl didn't even flinch, she's a lot better at that than I am.

She's doing so much now that I don't even know where to start. She's added more words to her vocabulary in English, Spanish, and Sign Language. She's become such a girl, she loves to play kitchen, clean with her small broom, and absolutely loves all her dolls and stuffed animals. Lately she liked to put diapers on all her stuffed animals and she likes for her baby's to do things first before she does them. So sometimes when she does not want to eat something we have to "feed" it to her baby and then she'll eat, if she does not want to change her clothes or her diaper, we have to do it to her baby first and then she'll let us do it, it's even gotten that way with sleeping, though she is very cute about it, she will put her baby to sleep in her crib, she'll cover her with a blanket and give her a kiss good-night (SO CUTE!). She loves walking around in both mommy's and daddy's shoes and tries to unlock the doors as well as start her little car using any key she can find. Did I mention she has gotten taller, so much so that she is able to reach the locks and if it wasn't for me talking the spare key w/me as I stepped outside to put something in the recycling bins she would have locked me out of the house, and yes, this time it would have been her fault NOT MINE. There so much more that Cristiana has learned and does but one thing never changes is that she will always be our crazy little monkey!

Splash Pad w/friends

On Tuesday, Cristiana and I were able to meet up w/some of of her friends at the famous splash pad. It was great to see some of the moms that I haven't seen in a while, especially Stacey with her new little addition, Tyler. Cristiana enjoyed hanging out with her pals and taking turns with Grace on sitting in Blake's stroller. Though Cristiana has gotten tall enough that she was able to climb into the stroller on her, Grace still insisted on helping her in (it was really cute). Cristiana also loved meeting little Tyler, she was able to touch him and admire him. She was so surprisingly gently with him and just loved having him around. After her pals left, Cristiana finally enjoyed running around in the water, I guess she wanted to hang out with her friends first. Love that splash pad!

Our old skool 80's guest bathroom is finally gone! We have finally finished our guest bathroom remodeling, which has been on the list of things to do since we bought the house 3 yrs. ago. No more pale blue walls and shower tiles, no more white floor tiles, and no more flower borders. We are very happy with how our new bathroom turned out, and are now looking forward to having our guests enjoy the facilities!

Family Summer Fun

Since it's been really hot, Cristiana has been enjoying her outdoor water activities quite often these days. I will put out both her little froggy pool as well as her Elmo splash mat, but she tends to run in the backyard more than anything. I decided to go ahead and buy an inflatable family sized pool so we could all play in it and mostly because Cristiana doesn't stay in her froggy pool for more than a 1 min. at a time, and she seemed to really enjoy it a lot more since we could sit in it and play with her. Mom and dad had a good time as well.

On Tuesday, Cristiana met up with some of her pals at the Inflatable Fun Factory (it's like Monkey Joe's, just a bit smaller, which actually made it a bit easier to control her). Cristiana really seemed to have a great time. When we first went to Monkey Joe's, Cristiana spent most of her time just walking around, now that she's just a few months older, she really seemed to enjoy all the inflatables. Her favorite thing to do was climb the stairs of the big slides, she did slide down a few times on her own (she got to the slide before me and just turned around and slid on her stomach like she normally does on regular slides) but after some trips on the slide, she no longer wanted to slide down which presented a problem since she kept climbing up the stairs. It was nice to get out and hang out, since Cristiana was "quarantined" due to a high fever she had since Wednesday and had finally gone away on Saturday.

Cristiana LOVES bubbles! She will have me pull out ALL her bubble blowers, especially this battery operated one practically everyday. Once the bubbles get going, she will turn in circles and try to eat them as well as step on them. She turned so much the other day, that she made herself dizzy and could not keep her balance and fell. It was actually quite funny.

Riding again

It's been a while since we've been bike riding, it's just been too hot, especially for Cristiana. The other day, the weather actually cooled down a bit and we decided to head out. Before, Cristiana hated wearing her helmet, it was always a fight. This time around, putting on her helmet was easy peasy! I have to say that she seems to actually like wearing her helmet now, it's like a different kind of hat for her. She also seemed to get a bit more out of the ride than before (I think it use to be a bit of sensory overload for her but now she's pointing at the things and naming what she knows). I'm sure as she gets older, she'll enjoy it even more.

Baby Bow Flex

So I bought Cristiana this outdoor swing a few months back with the anticipation of hanging it "outdoors" like it's intended. But with all the trees we have both in our front and backyard, none are suitable for the swing (branches too high or low branches not strong enough). So we are planning to build her a little structure to hang it in the backyard, but along with any project we plan, it takes forever. Cristiana does love when daddy swings her in it and daddy gets a pretty good work out too. One day, as daddy was swinging her in it, he thought that the baby swing would make a good workout machine, the type you see on infomercials of course, so we decided to tape his silliness. Keep in mind that daddy had been swinging her for some time before we taped this, hence why he's so gassed in the video.
Don't forget to pause the music @ the bottom of the blog before playing the video!

Reading Rainbow

Cristiana LOVES to read, she will sit down on her own and make sounds as she's turning the pages. She has favorites that she likes to read or have mommy read to her over and over again, one of her favorites is "Moo, Baa,LaLaLa" by Sandra Boynton (Thanks Auntie Jane). Every time I read this book to her she always makes the animal sounds along w/me. It's really cute! I was able to catch a bit of it on video, but ofcourse she decided not to do all the sounds since the camera was rolling. But she's still cute so enjoy!
Don't forget to pause the music @ the bottom of the blog before playing the video.

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day At Chick-Fil-A...dress up like a cow and receive a free meal. Of course the Crespo Family took advantage of FREE food and lucky for us they had cut-outs and masks to print out on their web-site, since none of us own a cow costume. Cristiana wore her cow mask like a trooper, at home she would not let me put it on her, but once we arrived @ Chick-fil-a she didn't even try to take it off.

Yea for FREE food!

Dancing fever

As you guys know Cristiana LOVES to dance and she'll dance to just about anything. Here's a video of her breaking it down to her farm fridge magnet toy. (daddy was dancing w/her...notice the camera shaking)

Cristiana discovered our swimming goggles the other day and she LOVES wearing them and running around the house. We think it's hilarious and she kind of looks like a crazy looking super hero.
Super Hero Cristiana to the rescue!

On the 4th of July the Crespo family headed to Lake Eola again this year. We enjoyed having hot dogs, fruit, and yummy kettle corn by the lake. Cristiana really enjoyed the ducks, so much so that she wanted to jump into the lake w/them. She also loved all the dogs that passed by. She loves her dog Rusty back home, but because she's almost 13 now she doesn't interact very much with her, so Cristiana gets a kick out of the dogs that are very friendly towards her. We didn't stay for fireworks this year either, but maybe next year. Hopefully it won't be as hot during the day as well.
Here's a picture of Cristiana last year on the 4th @ Lake Eola.

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Deerfield Beach

Jaime's job took us to Deerfield beach this time for 3 days, which meant a road trip for us. Cristiana did pretty good for the trip down, even though she only took a power nap in the car (about 10min). We stayed at a HoJo across the street from the beach, which made for a really nice view from the balcony. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favor and it rained most of the time we were there but I did take Cristiana to the beach and the pool as much as the weather allowed. Cristiana really enjoyed chasing the birds as usual, walking the pier, digging in the sand, and she even discovered shelling at this beach. She really enjoyed picking up shells and even decided to keep a few which we later gave to dad since he never got to enjoy the beach during our trip. Her sleeping was actually better this trip than in Chicago and she even slept in a Peapod travel bed (Thanks Monica and Amelia for lending it to us) which was very different from a crib (inflatable mattress in a small tent-like structure). Because we did not zip up the "tent", we had to angle it towards our bed so she would not run a muck on her own while we were sleeping. Our trip back home was a bit rough for all of us, especially Cristiana (i.e. having to pull-over on the turnpike to clean a blow-out diaper.) None the less, we had a great time, even though daddy didn't get to use his swim trunks at all while we were there due to work and weather. Hopefully the weather will be on our side the next time we head to the beach.

Make sure to pause music @ the bottom of the Blog before watching the video.

Spoon Skills!

Here's a video we took a few weeks ago of Cristiana showing off her spoon skills. She can use a spoon to eat applesauce, yogurt, cereal & milk all by herself, and as long as you help her pick up the solids on the spoon such as rice or corn she will get the food into her mouth on her own. Meals take a little longer now that she DOES NOT want assistance with her spoon but that's her way of strutting her independence. She's still trying to figure out the fork but I'm sure she'll get it soon.