La Familia Crespo

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Cristiana has adopted one of mommy's bad habits, she LOVES chocolate as well. Every once in a while I will share chocolate Popsicle with her, which she ends up eating about 60% of it since she's asking for more even before she's finished the piece in her mouth. This is usually the end result of sharing a chocolate Popsicle with her.

On Tuesday Cristiana went over to Daddy's job to do a little bit of trick-or treating. The Orlando Sentinel hosted a small trick-or-treating event for the kids of the company, it was very nice and low key. Cristiana got some yummy candy (some of which she can't eat) but she did get lollipops which she seems to really like.

I also baked some cupcakes for a baking event they hosted as well, unfortunately since I had rush to finish them before Jaime left to work that morning, the cream cheese frosting was a bit on the runny side (melted the butter rather than softening it) and I didn't want to add too much sugar to fix that problem, so though they were yummy (I tried a new chocolate cupcake recipe which I really liked) they were very runny. The mummys looked like they were melting and my witch's brew (pictured underneath) looked like it was boiling over. Lesson learned, can't rush and melt my butter.

Just a great picture of how much fun Cristiana has with daddy on a daily basis!

Zoo Boo Bash

On Saturday, Ava and Kristin invited us to join them @ the zoo for some fun trick-or-treating and animal spotting. Julie and Hayley were able to join us as well. Though it was hot (I felt bad for the kids who had on long sleeved or head to toe outfits) the girls had a great time. The zoo had little trick-or-treat stations throughout the campus as well as a small pumpkin patch, a bounce house (which the girls loved), a small inflatable "haunted" house, and of course their usual, animals and the splash area. Needless to say the girls had plenty to do. Cristiana didn't take to the splash area too well this time (she's been much braver since we've been to the water park a few times as well as the splash pad and our vacation had a kiddie pool with fountains, but not sure what happened) so after a few min. of mommy getting soaked so she would get wet, we headed home. Oh, but not before Cristiana screamed and kicked as we passed the zoo's carousel and luckily mommy had exactly $2 for her to ride. Thanks for inviting us ladies.

Being outdoors

Just a few pics of Cristiana enjoying her backyard.

She definitely loves natur
e, our "tree hugger," (that's a trait from mommy).

We do all our finger painting
outside as well.

Earlier this week Cristiana and I met up with Kristin, Ava, Julie, and Hayley for a fun filled afternoon @ Animal Kingdom. The girls went on safari, walked around and saw some animals, petted some goats, and of course greeted some characters. Cristiana was a little more cautious with the characters this time but she still managed to give them each a hug and a kiss; Ava and Hayley had mixed feelings about them, no blaming them, I would too, but luckily Cristiana has seen these guys quite a bit in the last year, so she's more or less acclimated to them. Though it was a short afternoon, the girls seemed to have a great time as they enjoyed ice cream, walking around holding hands (didn't last very long though) and a fun game of peek-a-boo that Cristiana and Ava played as we strolled back to our cars. Now that the weather has cooled a bit, I'm sure we'll be beading off to the parks more often.

Here are the picture of the Mommy and Me Halloween Party, this is the party I baked the cupcakes I previously posted for. It was hosted by Julie, one of the moms we've known since Cristiana was tiny. Julie had the kids go on a pumpkin hunt, which they were allowed to keep and decorated the pumpkin they found. She also had the kids make spiders out of her hand prints painted in black, it was very neat! We had a great time hanging out with some of the moms and kids we haven't seen in a while and Cristiana was as comfortable as can be in her Dora the Explorer costume (most people knew who she was).

Halloween Cupcakes

Here are the cupcakes I baked for a Halloween party we went to this past weekend hosted by one of the moms we've known since Cristiana was teeny tiny. I really enjoy decorating more than baking but I do think they turned out really yummy, especially with the cream cheese frosting (my favorite!)

Spinning Ballerina

Cristiana LOVES to spin, so much so that she ALWAYS makes herself dizzy and stumbles all over the place like a drunk. Lately one of her favorite DVD's to watch is JoJo's circus and it's got really great songs and dances to it. Daddy and Cristiana were watching an episode while in her little Dora house and Cristiana decided to show off her ballerina spinning skills since mom had the camera on. It was very cute and funny as well. Enjoy watching our crazy monkey!

Pause the music @ the bottom of the Blog before playing the video.

Back yard fun!

Cristiana loves playing in the backyard. She has a swing (which is now last on her use to be first), a small double slide playset (we're waiting till she gets older to buy her an actual swingset), and of course mommy and daddy's trampoline. Yes you heard it right, it is mommy and daddy's trampoline, we bought it for us when we first bought the house 3 1/2 yrs ago, and actually every house we looked at when we were in the market for a house needed to have plenty of space for the trampoline I always wanted in order for it to be considered. Well, of course the trampoline is Cristiana's first and most favorite thing in the backyard. She will have a fit if you don't put her on it and since she's a little crazy, I mean A LOT crazy, we now have to invest on getting the trampoline an enclosure to make sure she's always safe. But for now she's learned that she must always hold our hand (not shown in the video) when bouncing and especially running around on the trampoline.

Make sure to pause the music @ the bottom of the Blog before you play the video. Enjoy!

Typhoon Lagoon

Cristiana and I met up w/Kristin and Ava for a some water fun @ Typhoon Lagoon. The only pictures we have of the girls are before and after since we didn't want to lug a camera around and worry about it getting ruined, but the girls had a great time and were SOOO cute together. The girls would hold hands as we walked from one area of the park to the next. They were very interactive during our relaxing time in the lazy river which both girls LOVED sitting on the kid's rafts, Ava loved it so much that she was lounging for most of the ride. And of course the slides were a big hit. They would slide one right after the other in a sort of chase type of play. I actually got Cristiana to hang on during her first experience ALONE on the kid's raft slide, she did so well, I was very excited for her! We had a great time and plan to go back a few more times before it gets too cold. Thanks Kristin and Ava for joining us!