La Familia Crespo

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Literally! Winter garden hosted an event celebrating Halloween but doggy style. Owners and their pets entered a parade in the farmer's market area to show off their costumes. It was hilarious to see some of these outfits, everything from snow white to even our favorite a chick magnet (as seen in this photo). One lady even brought out her breaded dragon dressed up as a dragon of course! Cristiana LOVED seeing the dogs all dressed up, but we had to stop her from trying to pet all of them.

We visited Sea World during their Halloween Spooktacular. We also joined the Sesame Street gang for the Count's breakfast (which I got a discount for since I'm annual pass holder yay!). It was so much fun, they had a show and Cristiana had the chance to take pictures w/all the characters. After breakfast we did some trick-or treating around the park and of course enjoyed the rides in the kiddie area as well. The girls had a blast together.

Mom's halloween party

This year for Halloween Cristiana dressed up as a pirate, it was ultimately my choice since I bought her outfit dirt cheap on e-bay a few months back, but I have to say, Cristiana embraced it, she loved wearing that costume every time. Julie hosted again this year the Halloween party and as in previous times, it was a hit. The kids had so much fun together. I baked my 2nd tier cake for this party, and it turned out ok. All covered in fondant.

Magic Kingdom

We ventured to Magic Kingdom w/Ava and Bryce and enjoyed the fall and Halloween decor they had as well as visits w/the princesses. Cristiana also rode the Barnstormer roller coaster they have in the kids area. She was a little nervous during the ride but said she really liked it at the end.

We visited Leu Gardens for their monthly story time. It had been a while since we had the chance to make it out there but the weather was great and it was another place to play w/all the fun features on our camera. Cristana loved the rose garden and all the greenery! I wonder who she gets her naturalistic side from?

SeaWorld w/Papi

Being an annual passholder w/SeaWorld has its benefits. I got a free one day ticket in the mail, so we were able to have a fun family day there. Jaime got to enjoy everything Cristiana loves to see and do, especially the kiddie rides. She went up on the nets play area today for the first time as well, she had a great time, though it was hard to maneuver.