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Professional Pic time

Here are Cristiana's 6 months pics (actually didn't get them done until a little after her 7 months). We decided to change studios with these and we're really happy with the way they turned out.

My 2 front teeth

I've been trying for weeks to take a picture of Cristiana's first teeth but it's been very difficult. Every time I tried by pulling her lip down she would just stick out her tongue so here's the best I could do so far. Though we are so happy she's getting teeth it's definitely not fun anymore when you stick your finger in her mouth (it's like a mouse trap in there) :)

Such a sweet connection

So our dog Rusty (pictured on the left side bar somewhere) and Cristiana have never really connected. Cristiana has been staring at her and follows her with her eyes but Rusty has never really paid attention to her except for maybe a little leg sniff her and foot sniff there. Yesterday I was holding Cristiana on my lap while sitting on the couch and Rusty came over to us looking for some loving and Cristiana reached her hand out to her and Rusty came closer and gently placed her head underneath Cristiana's hand so she could pet her. It was so sweet. Finally a connection!!!
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As I mentioned in a previous post we are finally transitioning Cristiana into her crib and into her room. So she's been spending some time in her crib during the day so she can get use to it. Today I placed her in for her first nap in the crib and it went well (but it could have been the fact that she didn't go down for a real nap until 3:45pm today). EEKK!

A few more naps in there and we'll hopefully move her over for night time. It's definitely going to be hard for me though because I've so enjoyed her being in our room with us but it will be nice to be able to move in the bed and go to the bathroom without having to worry about waking her up for the few hrs she does sleep for.

Since I'm not really working anymore, saving money is a definite must. So I've decided to forgo the disposable diapers and try out cotton ones. Here are pictures of our first day with cotton diapers. They're definitely not your grandmas cotton diapers. No need for scary pins, just fold the cotton in the fold that you prefer and then just slip on a cover and your done. They're a little big for Cristiana's little tushie but should last us a long time, I just hope they don't leak. Wish us luck!

Teething relief

Since Cristiana is teething, I decided to to help soothe her gums a bit by giving her a mesh feeder with a yummy momsicle "frozen breast milk cube". This was her first time using the mesh feeder and she could not get enough of it, especially with the frozen treat inside. Her second tooth is already on the way, I felt the "little razor blade" this morning.

Cristiana updates

Cristiana is having new things happen everyday, some that are hard to capture on camera. Cristiana's 1st tooth has been on its way out for a little over a week. It's still not completely out but it is very visible (about 1/3 out). I also believe her second tooth will be on its way pretty soon too because I can see it in her gums. So we've been dealing with a lot of teething, but nothing too extreme (except for her bitting me the other day while feeding **OUCH**). With a new tooth in her mouth, Cristiana is starting to experiment with new sounds; she's starting to babble a bit, no mammas or daddas yet but plenty of yah..yah..yah... and blah...blah..blah.. and a few other things I can't decipher. It almost sounded like she said Hallelujah the other day with all her sounds. We'll have to get her babbles on video to post. We've also finally put her crib together and we'll soon be transitioning to it. She's been in her Amby baby hammock up till now. And as always she's such a joy and so much fun. She didn't even flinch when I put these Mickey ears on her.

Babywearing Family

Here are pics of Jaime and I babywearing Cristiana. I love my Mammas Milk sling, I use it all the time, a lot more than the stroller. I use to pop her in the sling during church and she would immediately fall asleep for the whole mass. Jaime's wearing a Moby wrap as he takes Rusty out for her walk and takes Cristiana w/him. Jaime use to wear Cristiana a lot when she was first born. It always helped soothe her and helped her fall asleep. I love babywearing daddies!!

Fun outdoors

Here's a picture of Cristiana on her bouncer/exersaucer outside on our porch. She had a great time just watching Rusty running around in the backyard. Unfortunately, even though I tried covering her up, she still got bitten by mosquitoes. Our house is a mosquito haven and therefore I have decided to buy her some safe for babies mosquito repellent so we can still enjoy being outdoors.

This past Labor Day Chick-fil-a was giving away free chicken strips to customers who showed up in their college football gear, so the Crespo family put on their Miami gear (even Cristiana dressed up; see a close up of her shirt below) and ate some yummy free chicken. We love football season and are excited to include Cristiana in all the craziness!!

"We've Got Some Canes Over Here..Wosh..Wosh"

Close-up of Cristiana's Shirt

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Thanks to everyone who voted on our "Who does Cristiana resemble!" It was finally nice to hear that she looks like her mom who only carried her for 9 months! Everywhere we went, everyone always said that she was a mini-me version of Jaime so it was definitely nice to kick Jaime's butt in this poll! :)

I know... she's a perfect blend of our love for each other!

HELP! I'm Stuck!

Since Cristiana is still not crawling, her only mode of transportation is rolling from place to place. Lately she's been rolling so much that I find her in a different spot every time I turn around. Just the other day I heard her let out a loud complaining squeal and to my surprise she was under one of our living room side tables and could not roll herself out. She obviously thought it was funny when I decided to take a picture of her under the table.