La Familia Crespo

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I finally decided to try pig-tails in Cristiana's hair today and I have to say I was very surprised on how easy it was. I've been resorting to clips and bows since she was born and I wanted to try something different. She has a lot of hair but it's very curly (like mom's was) and I didn't think it was long enough and could handle pig-tails but low and behold it does and they look so cute on her. She did pull them off in the car (it hurt her of course, which caught her by surprise since she's use to taking out the clips and bows) but they did stay on longer while we were out and about.

Mommy's hair band

Cristiana loves to grab mommy's and daddy's stuff and use it on a daily basis. She will grab anywhere from shoes, to clothes, to even deodorant (yes, she does try to put it on under her arms), but her favorite thing these days is one of my headbands. She will grab it from the drawer in the bathroom, put it on, and go about her business. It's really cute, daddy thinks she looks a bit like Rambo when she doesn't push it back enough. Here she is wearing it on 3 different days.

Friends Forever

Cristiana and I paid Ava and Kristin a visit earlier this week. The girls had a blast as usual playing together and dancing and of course running a muck. They're so cute together, but will fight till wits end for their rights to a baby doll, I guess that's what makes them girls!

Cristiana go potty!

Cristiana peed in her potty for the very first time with absolutely no effort from mom and dad! WoooHOOO! I bought her potty a few months back just so she could get accustomed to it. She's always sat in it (like a chair in a waiting room) while I'm using the bathroom, but I've never really had her attempt to use it before. The last 2 night before her shower, she has wanted to sit on the potty (this was her first time on it without a diaper, or clothes for that matter). Well last night she sat in it and did a little dance and all of a sudden stood up and pointed to her potty and there it was, she had peed in her potty all by herself! Jaime and I were so excited that I think we sort of freaked her out and I think she was a little werided out by peeing in the potty rather than in her diaper. I don't know if it will happen again, I guess I'll start putting her on it to see if she'll go, but we were both very excited that she did go without us formally introducing her to potty training or even telling her what to do there. Yea Cristiana!

Church Friends

Every time we go to church Cristiana always makes a friend, usually with boys (just our luck of course!). I was actually able to capture her and a new friend last Sunday sitting next to each other, which doesn't last very long, so I was lucky to pop out my phone quickly enough. They were quite cute together.

Monkey Joes

On Friday, Cristiana and I met up w/Ramena, little Meme, Tracy, and Gracie @ Monkey Joes. It's been a while since we've been to a Monkey Joes and Cristiana's experience was very different now than back at our first visit. Cristiana had just started walking on her own when we first visited Monkey Joes, now Cristiana is climbing up ladders and stairs all on her own like a pro. I was very impressed with her agility, I mean she was all over the place and most of the time doing things on her own. The girls has a great time bouncing and sliding, but the biggest hit was the mechanical car. You'll notice in the slide show the tons of pictures of the girls in the car because they were all over it at various times throughout our visit. I'm sure we'll be using our frequent visitors pass much more now that Cristiana seems to be really enjoying everything there is to do at Monkey Joes.

Before we headed back home from Pompano, we decided to head to Miami and visit my mom. My mom was so excited to see Cristiana (hence her balloon decorations you see in the background that she hung up for Cristiana). Cristiana didn't seem to remember her at first but after a few min. they were old pals. She enjoyed knocking down my mom's million trinkets she has all around the house and playing the maracas with her abuela. Jaime and I were very happy to enjoy some good ol' authentic Cuban food and Cristiana really enjoyed the Moro (dirty rice w/black beans).

We headed back to Pompano on Wednesday for another short business trip w/Daddy. It seems that we will be making these visits every few weeks w/daddy and are more than happy to keep him company (and enjoy the beach as well!) We stayed in the same place as our last trip down, but we were fortunate enough to get a 1 bdrm rather than a studio which allowed us to actually talk and enjoy a little bit of cable while Cristiana "slept" (didn't sleep very well..but that's been normal for the past few weeks). We had a decent trip down and a wonderful trip back up...she actually napped on the way up, without a fuss. It was fabulous! While we were there Cristiana of course enjoyed digging at the beach and had a great time in the kiddie pool @ the sister resort across the street. She also LOVED running around the big curving balcony we had in the living rm. She spent so much time just throwing her ball out on the balcony , running after it, and then throwing it back inside (gave mommy some quite time to watch TLC (we don't have cable @ home so we enjoy it when we're out)). We had a great time as usual and daddy will hopefully be able to get into the pool with us next time.

Mall Fun w/Ava

Cristiana and I met up w/Krisin & Ava @ the Altamonte Mall this past Tuesday so the girls could play in the playground. The girls had a great time as usual and it was nice to be able to sit back a bit and let Cristiana play. The last time I took her to this indoor playground I was on her like a hawk because I was worried she would hurt herself or get hurt by other kids, but she has become so stable in all her solo activities (climbing stairs standing up rather than crawling, actually going down the slide in a normal position (she use to go down on her tummy as she did with everything else) in the last few weeks, so I didn't have to worry as much. The playground was also less crowded, since most of the kids are back to school now, which helped me feel even more secure about letting her do her own thing. I'm sure these two will be hanging out at the mall together when they get older, but probably playing in the stores rather than in the playground! Thanks for the pics Krisitn!

I decided to buy Cristiana her first rain coat and rain hat a week or two ago, since Lord knows it rains practically every day here in Florida during the summer. She's used it quite a lot since we bought it and she seems to really like wearing it. It has made life a bit easier since I don't have to worry about keeping her under my umbrella and trying to cover us both if I chose to put her in a stroller. I think she looks soooo cute in it and it of course compliments her crazy personality (our crazy little monkey!)