La Familia Crespo

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Getting Cultural

Here's the Crespo family getting cultural at the Winter Park Arts Festival. We walked around and then sat down to have lunch where the jazz band was playing. And guess what...Cristiana fell asleep again in her sling amongst all the commotion (just like she did @ Animal Kingdom). Urrgghh!! I don't understand her!! Maybe, I'll have to put her in the sling and pump up the music every night to get her to fall asleep so quickly and so soundly.

Our 1st trip to Disney

While my sister was in town, we decided to take Cristiana on her 1st visit to Disney. I wanted to wait until the summer heat was over and the summer crowds had calmed down before I took her. It turned out to be a beautiful day at my favorite park Animal Kingdom (not that I'm partial to it because I work there occasionally) even though we had a little rain when the park closed. We simple strolled around and let Cristiana enjoy her time there. She seemed to really like the macaws because they were squawking away and I'm sure their beautiful colors caught her attention. While we ate lunch Cristiana had a banana in her self-feeder, like a big girl. We then headed for the Safari and I was super excited to get her on it to see all the animals but little Cristiana had other plans. As we stood in line which took a total of 10 min. Cristiana passed out on in the sling and slept the ENTIRE safari ride. She even slept through our train ride up to Rafiki's Planet Watch. I don't understand, she can sleep soundly through all that racket and movement but when she's at home she wakes up at the sound of a pin hitting the ground. We then took her to the petting zoo and my crazy sister had her sitting on a goat (see picture for proof). Cristiana also got a chance to see my friend Ish again (who use to talk to my belly all the time) and got to meet one of my crazy past managers Nadine. Though we didn't do much for a typical trip to Disney, we had a great time.

Tia Jackie's visit

My sister came down to visit Cristiana for a few days this past week and Cristiana enjoyed every second of it (mommy did too).

Here's Cristiana w/Tia and Sheriff Jack outside the Fresh Market.

Some Feeding time w/auntie Jackie

Tia introduced Cristiana to her new instruments

Auntie is SOOO much fun!!!

Thanks tia for coming to visit us. We Love you and miss you already!!!

Wearing daddy's UM cap

Besides the Avocado, Cristiana has seemed to like everything we have introduced to her so far. Which is definitely a surprise to me with my limited diet, but I'm glad that she seems to be a better eater than mom.

Yummy Oatmeal!

Yummy Fresh Banana!!

Homemade Butternut Squash
(mommy has never eaten this before)

New chair

We finally bought Cristiana her little feeding chair. Since she started solids, we had her sitting in her little seat/entertainer on top of the dinner table, which was not the most comfortable situation for any of us. I've always wanted one of these hook-on chairs because they don't take up any space in the kitchen and you can take it with you wherever you go (we've already used it at both Friday's and Chilli's). Cristiana seems to really like her new little chair and she can now join us at the table everywhere we go.

Millie the pig

Last Friday the West Side Girls (Cristiana, Ava, and Amelia) got together to have lunch in Downtown Winter Garden. After lunch we passed by a feed store that had some "pets" hanging around and we had the pleasure of meeting Millie the 8 month old Pot Belly Pig (Cristiana is also 8 months so it's a fun size comparison). We loved meeting Millie along with the other pets that were in the store (a rabbit and a funny looking chicken).

Here's Cristiana w/her little hippo piano. Make sure to pause the music at the bottom of the page before you press play on this video.

Yucky Avocado!

So we decided to try avocado as our second food because of it's wonderful benefits to brain development. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell Cristiana how good it was for her. She DID NOT like it AT ALL. Every spoonful I stuck in her mouth, which were a few, she spit right out and made this disgusted face. I don't blame her, I'm not an avocado fan. I tried to mask the taste by putting a little bit of avocado in some sweet potato but Cristiana is too smart for me. Every spoon that contained a little bit of avocado came right out and she gave me that face again. I guess she does have Mommy's taste buds after all.

Our 1st Solids

This weekend Cristiana had her 1st taste of solids. I know most people start earlier but I really wanted to wait because she's had so many digestive issues and I'm glad we did because everything seems good so far. So we started out with some homemade sweet potatoes and she LOVED them!! I was really surprised because I have a very limited diet and didn't expect her to like it but they taste good to me as well (it was my first time tasting them while I was making them for her). Make sure before you press play on the video below, to pause the music that's at the bottom of the page.