La Familia Crespo

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This weekend we headed over to the Grant's house for some yummy cooking by Joe and fun in the pool. We finally got our new camera so expect most post from here on out to have good looking and LOTS of photos. YEA! But since we are still learning to use it, these first few may not look so great. We had a great time swimming and eating yummy food. I provided Joe and Kristin's fav. black beans and rice as well as a chocolate ganache mousse cake I baked. The ganache wasn't as smooth looking as I'd like it to look (dripped onto the cake) but this cake was delicious!
Thanks for the fun and the yummies guys!

Monkey Joe's Fun

Just some fun pics of Cristiana and her BFF Ava @ Monkey Joe's! Thanks for sharing Kristin!

Cute Stuff

Just some cute pics of our beautiful little girl.

As everyone knows we always enjoy free food, especially when it's Chick-fil-a. This is our 2nd year participating in cow appreciation day. All you have to do is dress semi-cow like and you get a free meal. What a great deal! This year I decided to incorporate my new sewing skills into making Cristiana a little pillow case dress out of a cow pattern fabric. I added a little white eyelet trim at the bottom and I think it turned out really cute.

Toy Story 3

We took Cristiana to see her 1st movie on the big screen. When she was about 6months, Cristiana went to the movies w/us to watch WALL-E but we obviously didn't let her watch the movie back then. We were all very excited since we are huge fans of anything Pixar, especially Toy Story and Cristiana has watched on SEVERAL occasions and LOVES Toy Story 1 & 2. We decked her out in her Toy Story shirt and she brought Buzz along for the ride. She sat still the entire time and laughed during a few of the funny parts. Cristiana seemed to really like the movie and mommy and papi did too. Still no camera so pictures aren't the best!

I know I'm way behind on my posting but bear w/me as I try and catch up...

This 4th of July weekend, Cristiana had the chance to see fireworks (which were a bit too loud for her) and the usual Lake Eola festivities. We had a great time and she's just so funny and silly!