La Familia Crespo

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We know Cristiana is not much of a sleeper, and it's usually worse in the car. When she was rear facing, every once in a while we'd get lucky and she's fall asleep, but ever since we got her the booster, and facing the outside world, sleep has been an endangered species. Cristiana could be super tired but prefers to stay awake and complain the whole way home rather than relax and just fall asleep. She's even fallen asleep in her bike seat during our rides but once we transfer her over to the car seat it becomes an unpleasant ride home.
I knew she was tired after the splash park but I was sure she would not fall sleep. She did her routine complaining and then I decided to pop in some Josh Groban. I completely forgot that I use to listen to Josh A LOT during my pregnancy to help chill me out after my long days working with crazy high schoolers. So I popped him in and began to sing along and she actually calmed down. After about 5 min. of listening to Josh, she finally zonked out. THANK GOD for Josh Groban!

On Friday, las 3 amigas decided to head out to enjoy another splash park near Dr. Phillips area. This park was amazing, the playground was really cool, it has tons of other things to do (volleyball, baseball, walking and riding trails). The gals enjoyed their time in the playground as well as in the splash park. Now that she's walking, Cristiana was all over the place. She's still having to concentrate really hard and still falls a bit but she sure loves to do it (she's barely crawling). She doesn't go straight into the water still, but really likes to sit in it and will run around it.

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Causing Trouble

Little Cristiana is causing more trouble these days than usual, now that she's walking. She loves toilet paper, and if I don't get to her in time she pulls the whole roll off of the holder. We've wasted so much toilet paper because of our crazy monkey. I've had to resort to putting the toilet paper rolls up high on the counters in order to keep them "safe".

On Sunday the Crespo gang headed over to the Hendriks to celebrate Addison's 2nd birthday! Boy does time fly, I remember visiting Allison @ the hospital a day after little Addison was born. Cristiana had a great time chasing and following the cats as well as little Isabel (the dog) who is scared of her own shadow. Cristiana also enjoyed swinging on the tree swing and then playing with the Hendiks gals (Abby and Addison). Abby and Addison seemed to really enjoy having Cristiana around, they were bring her toys to play with and then Abby was helping Cristiana stand up and walk with her (it was super cute). Allison had a very cute activity for the kids to do, since it was a pooh party, she had "honey" pots for the kids and to make the bees on the pot, the kids put their thumb print in yellow paint and then painted the pot (very creative Allison!).
Thanks for inviting us, we had a great time and can't wait to celebrate with Abby next month!

Happy 2nd Birthday Addison!

Racing Daddy

Here's a cute video we took a little over a month ago but just forgot to post. It was around the time Cristiana 1st got her stroller walker and was pushing everything around the house like a crazy girl. It's so weird to see that Cristiana has grown SO much hair in less than 2 months. She barely had any curls in this video but her hair now is full of curls and so much more abundant.

Make sure to pause the music @ the bottom of the page before viewing the video. It's a bit long (2min.) but it's really cute, enjoy!


For a few weeks now Cristiana has been taking a step here and maybe 2 steps there and we were wondering when she was finally going to walk since we knew she could, but she just wasn't secure enough. The end of last week she finally started to really let go and is now taking off. She's still a little sloppy and she gets so excited that she flops on her butt, but she LOVES to practice walking. She will get up, walk, drop, get up, walk, drop, and doesn't seem to want to crawl much anymore. She also gets up on her own now, she still uses things to help her stand every once in a while but mostly stands up on her own (she straightens her little knees and pushes off the ground with her hands). It's so exciting to see her walk, but now I have to really hustle after our little monkey. Anyone have a pair of skates I can borrow?
Make sure to pause the music @ the bottom of the page before playing the videos.

1st trip to the Zoo

On Friday, the West Side gals headed out to the Central Florida Zoo for a day of fun. We had such a great time as usual and Monica's friend Tracy (photographer extraordinaire) was able to join us as well, and take some great pictures. The gals enjoyed the petting zoo where us mommys fed the animals so that the girls could have a closer peek. We spent some time near the elephants since it has a big area to just sit and hang out (hence all the pictures in that area (deck)) and of course the girls had fun just walking around and being silly. After the elephants we headed to the splash park in the zoo, Kristin was able to spot the board that was a birthday present for Ava from her grandparents and luckily Ava sat still enough to take a good picture of her next to it (see slide show). Ava ran straight into the splash park while Amelia and Cristiana were a bit hesitant. I'm sure it was somewhat overwhelming for them (plus the water was kind of cold) but it only took Amelia a few min. to warm up to it while Cristiana still was asking me to pick her or she would hang onto my leg when she was standing. She loves water, but I guess all the spraying along with the cold water made her a bit nervous. When she finally felt comfortable enough she let go and mostly crawled around or walked holding my hand (she did take a good amount of steps on her, which she started a few days back). We had a great time as usual with the West Side gals. Hopefully we can visit the zoo more often and eventually Cristiana will run around like a nut in the splash park.

Picture in slideshow are a combination of mine, Kristin's, and Tracy.

Fun w/Ava

Last Friday Cristiana had a lunch play date with her BFF Ava. We had a great time with the girls at Minnehaha Park in Maitland where the ground is AstroTurf, so no worries about getting dirty and the play area is gated, so no worries about run away babies. The girls had a great time together as usual and mommy had the chance to catch up with Kristin. Ava seemed to really enjoy playing with my keys for a good portion of the time (hence all the pictures with her holding my keys) since she is no longer allowed to play with Kristin's keys due to a small incident Ava got herself into :). It was fun as usual gals!

Here are Cristiana's 1 yr pics. I know, she's almost 14 months old, but I kept forgetting to scan them. As she gets older, it seems to get harder to make her smile for pictures. It took her while to feel comfortable with the studio and the photographer but when she finally relaxed, it was non stop fun for all of us.

Cristiana and I went to Ramena's (Meme) 1st birthday party last weekend and had an awesome time. She had her party @ Gymboree's gym and Cristiana was all over the place. The kids had so much to do and they all seemed to be having just the best time. Cristiana really seemed to like when we were playing with the parachute. She was a little confused at first but after a while of it she did not want to leave the area where the parachute was. Meme was also on the go, so much that she did not want to sit in front of her cake and who can blame her when there was so much fun things to do around them. So unfortunately no cake eating pictures are available.
Pictures are courtesy of Ramena (the mom) because I was completely off of it that weekend and forgot my camera at home (which never happens, so that tells you how I was feeling).

Thanks for inviting us Meme!
Happy Birthday Ramena Brianna!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sunday was Jaime's birthday but we celebrated it Saturday night with our friends (Cristiana's godparents) Justin and Chantelle. We had pizza and ice cream cake (which I bought from Baskin Robins and I was not very impressed with), and Jaime and Justin enjoyed some Mojitos. Cristiana was loving the visit from her godparents, she was cracking up with Justin through dinner and after dinner, Cristiana would crawl underneath the table looking for Justin and playing peek-a-boo. It was too cute!
We LOVE you daddy and hope you had a great birthday!

So a few months back I bought this really neat frog sprayer pool for Cristiana on sale, granted it's been too cold for an outdoor pool but I decided a few weeks ago to buy her some balls and make it a ball pit during the winter and then he can serve his real purpose during the late spring/summer time. Cristiana LOVES her ball pit, she's in it at least once a day and loves to grab the balls and throw them outside the pit (she'll say "ball" as she's doing it(one of the few things she says)). She loves it even more when daddy or mommy throw the balls back into the pit while she's still sitting in it. I would have loved to have one of these when I was growing up.

As you can tell by the picture, the front door is now officially off limits due to the ball pit. The things we do for our children!

Cristiana likes to stick her tongue out now, but she usually only does it w/daddy. I guess daddy always brings the silly side out of her!

Happy Birthday Toya! We love you!

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us, even though dinner wasn't at it's highest quality :(