La Familia Crespo

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Monkey Joes

Just a pic of us having fun on the big slide @ Monkey Joe's. Cristiana would live in this place if she could. Thanks for the pic Kristin!

This Saturday, Mickey's Retreat hosted an Egg Hunt for all the cast member kiddies. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we enjoyed collecting eggs, playing in the playground, tether ball (Cristiana thought it was so much fun to play with a ball that was attached to a pole) and her first boat ride. We decided to rent a paddle boat, well, actually we were forced to since Cristiana kept saying "boat, please, boat". Cristiana really enjoyed it for a good 15min. or so and then of course she said "no, back," so we returned back to shore. Mickey, Minnie, and the Princess and the Frog were all there, but lines were too long even at a cast member event. The highlight of the day was the hula hoop. She saw older kids doing it, so she had to try it. She was so excited and so funny, we were able to capture some of it on video but missed the funniest part when she actually wiggled her hips like the other kids. We had a great time.
If u notice those were the pants mommy made for St. Patty's, and I decided to make her a shirt to go with it as well since I had left over material, not the best, but it's my first outfit!

Make sure to pause the music at the bottom of the blog before u play the 2 videos below.

Here's a pic of Cristiana helping me make lasagna. I got the idea from a friend of mine (thanks Erin), what a great idea to get them involved in the prepping part of cooking, at least for the plates that allow to get a 2yr olds assistance with. Cristiana was super excited to help (don't let that mug shot fool you) and I will definitely try to implement her assistance with cooking whenever the plate allows (obviously not with raw meat!)

FFM Easter Egg Hunt

This Tuesday we went to the Fellowship For Mom's Egg hunt. I'm actually one of the babysitters for this group that meets once a month that Kristin is part of. This is our 1st official egg hunt since the one we attempted to make last year, we were late for (of course!) and missed the egg hunt. Cristiana had a great time playing in the playground with Alyssa and Ava and enjoyed the Bunny that came to visit as well. She kept saying "Cheese Bunny" since when we went to mall with Ava the day prior, I told her we were taking pictures and she had to say "cheese" and smile with the bunny. So now every time she sees an Easter Bunny she says "cheese bunny." She was very excited about the hunt and loved looking inside the eggs to see what she got. We're excited to visit more Egg Hunts this year!

On Monday Cristiana and I met up with w/Ava and Kristin for a short visit with the Easter bunny and the mall playground. The girls were as silly as usual with lots of squealing and jumping up and down as they communicated with each other (wouldn't it be funny if us adults greeted each and had our conversations with squeals and jumping?). They both loved the Easter bunny and had a great time at the mall playground. They are growing so fast, soon they'll be shopping there together (probably not holding hand though!)

This weekend we headed to the Winter Park Art Festival. It seems to have grown over the past year and they had such a great section for kids crafts. Cristiana made a wreath for her hair and had such a good time painting. We ate yummy kettle corn and just enjoyed the fabulous weather, winter was too long this year!

On Friday Cristiana and I headed out to Animal Kingdom to enjoy the beautiful day we were having. The weather was perfect and the animals knew it, we had a great viewing on our safari ride: 2 hippos out of water, 2 giraffes,2 ostriches, and 2 rhinos hanging out right near the truck path and a great viewing of the elephants as well. Cristiana of course enjoyed drumming on the African drums, riding triceratops spin, and brushing the goats and sheep. We had the chance to take pics with Pooh and some of his friends (barely had to wait as well!) and we attempted to watch the Nemo musical but she seemed to have gotten spooked in the first 5 min. of the show and we had to leave, but she did hug every Nemo plush character that was outside the show on a cart. We also enjoyed the parade (which is my favorite of all the parks) on our way out of the park. Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the blog before you play the video!

Green thumb?

Cristiana was so excited to get her little pot and seeds at our mom's group St. Patrick's day party, so much so that she did not put it down the entire ride and when we got home, nap time was a no go until we went outside and planted it. So we did just that, but Cristiana doesn't understand the life cycle of a flower and that there's waiting to do before we get anything so there was lots of crying and screaming as I attempted to tell her that we were done and that there was nothing else we could do. Needless to say, her nap began almost 2 hrs later than planned.

What can I expect though, she has a huge love for nature and who can blame her, I'm the same way, I guess it's all the biology and science she heard me teach while she was in my belly!

Two mom's from our group, Sonya and Cyndi hosted the St. Patrick's Day Party for the little one's this past Tuesday. I made Cristiana a pair of pants (1st clothing item I've sewn and it was quite a disaster, but nevertheless they look ok from afar so I made her wear them), with a green fabric she selected and she wore a cute green headband that surprisingly enough she kept on all day long. The ladies provided lots of fun things for the kids to do including a treasure hunt. Cristiana had a great time with her friends and was very excited to receives a little flower pot with seeds as her St. Patrick's day gift, so much so that she did not want to let go of the seed packet until we got home. Thanks Cyndi and Sonya for such a great time!

Visit to S. FL

Jaime had to travel to S.Fl to work again this month (we traveled there last month as well but forgot the camera, hence no pics, no post). We stayed at a Staybridge Suites there (separate bedrm/living room and kitchen) and the free breakfast buffet was yummy. They also have free orderves and beer Tuesday-Thursday evenings. Cristiana and I spent time at the malls in the area, especially Sawgrass Mills which I loved shopping at when I lived in Miami. They have a Rainforest Cafe at this mall and we spent A LOT of time looking at the fish (I had a funny video of Cristiana looking at the fish and dancing to the music in the background but she deleted it off the camera before I was able to save it on my laptop). We also played a little in Cha Cha's Adventure Area, yes, you heard it right, Cha Cha's area, I completely forgot that the frog from Rainforest Cafe is named Cha Cha so I had to take a picture of our Cha Cha in front of a sign with this on it. On our way home we actually traveled down south to visit my mom and have some yummy, good, scrumptious authentic Cuban food at one of my favorite restaurants down there. Cristiana has gotten so much easier to travel with, though she didn't sleep in the car at all this trip (which was very different from our last trip, she fell asleep every time she was in the car) she was content and entertained for most of the car rides.

Yesterday we celebrated Papi's birthday with a short visit to Magic Kingdom and of course lunch at the ESPN Club on the Disney Boardwalk. Papi took the day off to hang out with his girls and we enjoyed every minute of it!
We LOVE you Papi! Hope you had a great Birthday!

This weekend we headed to Wekiwa Springs State Park for their Annual River fest. We were able to see some animals, do some kids crafts, and enjoy the wonderful weather that day.
Cristiana met a real live bear (character of course) and enjoyed making a bird feeder (peanut butter,a pine cone and bird seeds) and painting a miniature bird house. She really enjoyed looking at the springs but her favorite part of the day was her bird feeder which she would NOT let go of and would NOT let anyone else hold it or touch it (it was in a zip lock bag). She even fell asleep in the car holding onto it. She was so excited to give the birds some food, but unfortunately the crazy squirrels would get to it first and devour it before the birds would even know it was there. At least someone had a good meal from it.

Domesticated Diva!

I decided to take an intro to sewing class @ Jo Ann's sometime in January and decided that I would love to be able to make some of my own stuff and especially stuff for Cristiana. I took one more class there last month which taught us some basics as well as creating a reusable lunch tote (with water proof lining in it). I've got to say I'm hooked and thanks to my wonderful friend Kathy (you're the best Kathy!), I've inherited a machine and I'm off on my journey to become a real domesticated diva ,as I like to think of it (Jaime likes to call me Grandma!). Here's a picture of my lunch tote as well as a neck travel pillow I made for Cristiana. I'm very excited to get going on making clothes as well as gifts. Don't be surprised if you're next gift from me is something I made myself (hopefully you'll like it!)