It was so exciting for us to start ballet, it felt like forever when we first signed up and had to wait for classes to begin. Cristiana was so excited but didn't know what to expect and least of all, she didn't expect me to leave her there while I waited outside. The studio so graciously offers this wonderful free ballet class for 2 year olds. Monica and Amelia shared this with all of us and we were lucky enough to get in (there's always a waiting list since it is a free class), but mom's are not allowed inside the studio during the class, I unfortunately didn't prep Cristiana for this since I thought it being the first class we would be allowed in, it was a surprise to me too. With all that, she did SO great on her own. Didn't even cry when I left, a bit surprised and looked like she was about to get upset but was quickly over it once class began. She danced and had a great time (the window has a semi see-thru curtain so you can get a quick peek at what's going on). We bought her ballet shoes that afternoon and she was ready for class the following Monday. The following Monday after ballet we took the girls to a local Ice cream shop and they played in a sitting area right next door to the ice cream shop. Cristiana really seems to Love ballet, what can I say, dancing is in her blood.