After spending a little over 2 months in our bed Cristiana is finally sleeping in her Amby Baby Hammock. We bought it because it simulates the womb and therefore allows baby to sleep deeper and longer. When she arrived early I thought "great, it is also good for preemies" and when we found out she had reflux we thought, "wonderful, it helps with reflux too" but our little Cristiana did not want to sleep anywhere else but in mommy and daddy's bed. Though I was terrified of having her sleep with us because of what every book says about the dangers of co-sleeping, we did it. We knew that she would let us know when she was ready to move out of our bed, and one night she did it. She doesn't sleep all through the night but she's sleeping in her own bed and no longer refluxes in the middle of the night thanks to the Amby baby. She seems to really like it to. She usually wakes up content and lays there talking to herself. I know the pictures don't show happiness but its hard to catch her smiling on camera. I think the flash scares her. She's still in our room, but eventually will move on to her own room and crib once she sleeps through the night.
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