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Yesterday was our first trip to the movies with Crisitana. We were a little hesitant because we had no idea how she would react to the loud noises but I have to say she behaved very well and allowed mommy and daddy to enjoy their 1st movie since she was born. We watched Wall-E which definitely was a lot quieter than what we originally wanted to watch (Indiana Jones). Cristiana was content for most of the movie with very little distraction needed (no she did not watch the movie, we had her back to it the whole time...I'm sure she was curious to know what all the flashing was about). The movie was great (Jaime and I are huge Pixar fans) and we enjoyed some marble slab out in the shade after the movie.

Wall-E and Eve
(picture courtesy of Rotten

Here's Cristiana wearing one of my favorite outfits so far. It has little monkeys all over it. And guess what... I didn't have to trick her too much for her to smile in these two pictures. Yea!!!

Jaime's 1st Father's Day was very eventful. Not only was it Father's day but we also had Cristiana baptized on that day. Daddy didn't mind sharing the lime light with our little monkey, as he said "what better father's day gift than to consecrate our little one to the Lord." Jaime father's day gifts included a wonderful breakfast in bed, cooked by yours truly, and a few other items including the thermos that Cristiana and I worked on during Mommy and Me earlier that week. Jaime also enjoyed the presence of many friends that blessed our family with their attendance at Cristiana's baptism.

We LOVE the beach

We ventured to the beach again father's day weekend w/my mother and my sister. We did not get lost this time (yippee!) and those horrible rocks were actually above water this sore feet :). Cristiana had a great time w/auntie Jackie (I know she doesn't look too happy but it's so hard to get her to smile for pictures). I like the picture in the middle because it shows how overwhelmed our tiny peanut is in our beach canopy.

During our mommy and me group last week, we worked on
father's day gifts with our little ones. We used paints to put our baby's foot prints in whatever we were planning on giving as a gift to their daddy's. I thought it would be pretty easy and quick to place Crisitana's footprints on the items I had brought, but of course Cristiana thought otherwise. She was very unhappy as soon as I placed the paint on her feet. But I didn't feel too bad because it seemed that most babies did not like the activity either. After some practice we finally made daddy a thermos with her foot prints in
green and orange (Go CANES!) and a cute picture of both of them.
Here's a picture of Cristiana and her friend Ava during Mommy and me. I think Cristiana wanted to clean Ava's ear.

Up to date

We have finally gotten this blog up to date. We wanted to include all the important or fun moments from the beginning of Cristiana , so it took us a while to get from all the January events to June events.

Cristiana rolled over for the 1st time on Tuesday of this week (belly to back). She doesn't know she can do it yet but it's definitely very exciting to see it happen.

I went back to work during post planning in order to close out the year and since I still have not left Cristiana w/anyone else, except for her dad, I took her with me. I'm so happy I had bought the little seat prior to this because it made my life so much easier. I was able to input grades and work on other items @ my desk while she was sitting, content as can be, directly in front of me.

You can see my classroom in the background.

She loves staring @ her foot rattles.

It was definitely a very interesting day as I ran around trying to meet deadlines and still attend to her needs.

We finally bought Cristiana a little seat for her to practice sitting up.She loves it. We decided to buy her the 3 stage seat by Summer Infant instead of the bumbo or the bebepod because it has a strap to secure her in and it comes with a toy/eating tray that turns, almost like an exersaucer. She really enjoys her new point of view in her little seat.

Alas...we have finally captured the famous smile on film. I have no idea how professional photographers do it, but ever time I try to take a picture of her smiling she automatically gets serious. It's like she knows! Plus, the flash is pretty bright and probably makes her a little scared. But w/teamwork, mommy & daddy were able to capture it.

Crisitana does not like binkies. We have tried 3 different brands as well as types of pacifiers and she spits them all out. But she definitely loves her fist. Even when she's on tummy time with both arms supporting her upper body she will go for her fist and of course looses her balance and goes head first into the ground (don't worry, it happens in slow motion so it does not hurt her). I think as her fingers get bigger she'll eventually move on to her thumb but for now, with every part of her still so tiny, she enjoys sticking her entire fist in her mouth.

Playing w/ daddy

Here's daddy playing w/Cristiana. She's given him little laughs every time he does this. We can't wait until she gives us full blown crack ups. But it's the beginning.

We decided to take a trip to clearwater beach during memorial day weekend. Needless to say I was terrified because I had no idea how Crisitana would react to the water, the sun, and the heat. We bought a little UV protected canopy, her little bathing suit also had UV protection, the sling I bought for the beach was made of solar veil which had UV protection in it as well as the ability to dry quickly when taken into the water, and we bought baby sun block lotion. Can we say Maite is neurotic or what. Like I said... I was terrified.

The trip should have taken us 2 hrs. on the road actually took us about 4 due to the wonderful directions Jaime got off the Internet (not to blame it on him ;p). The beach we went to was Honeymoon beach state park near Clearwater. It was definitely worth the drive, parking was very close to the beach, the sand was soft and the water warm and clear. There were rocks at the very beginning of the water which gave all of us a nice exfoliating pedicure but once you got to the sand bar, it was heaven. I have to say, even the bathrooms were clean at this park. Cristiana enjoyed the beach so much that she fell asleep after about 10min. in the water. I think she was cozy in the sling with the sound of the waves in the background. We did get home the right way and plan to take the correct route there next time.

Cristiana found her voice the weekend of May 17th. She is quite the chatter box once she gets started... I guess she takes after her parents. Cristiana use to grunt and make other noises prior to this, but once she heard herself, she's never been the same.

Here's Crisitana's 1st trip to a theme park. Cypress Gardens gave all teachers and family members a free day for teacher appreciation so we decided to venture off and see how Crisitana would do in the heat. It turned out to be great. She did extremely well and got to spend time w/her God parents Chantelle and Justin. The park was a nice stroll and definitely not as hectic as the parks here in Orlando.

Here's a video of Crisitana giving daddy real smiles and of course drooling. It's amazing how well she now fits in her Sweat peace swing. When we first brought her home, her head barely reached the teddy bear head positioner. She's getting so big, even though she's still tiny!

Sleepy Smiles

The beginning of Cristiana's smiles. One morning as she started to drift off to dream land we caught this on tape. This was extremely exciting for us, but definately not as exciting as her first "real" smile at us while she was wide awake. This video is a bit out of place because it happened before Easter but we wanted to share it since we thought it was so cute. And your lovely soundtrack for this video is provided by my breastpump and me chewing like a cow while eating breakfast.

On her own

After spending a little over 2 months in our bed Cristiana is finally sleeping in her Amby Baby Hammock. We bought it because it simulates the womb and therefore allows baby to sleep deeper and longer. When she arrived early I thought "great, it is also good for preemies" and when we found out she had reflux we thought, "wonderful, it helps with reflux too" but our little Cristiana did not want to sleep anywhere else but in mommy and daddy's bed. Though I was terrified of having her sleep with us because of what every book says about the dangers of co-sleeping, we did it. We knew that she would let us know when she was ready to move out of our bed, and one night she did it. She doesn't sleep all through the night but she's sleeping in her own bed and no longer refluxes in the middle of the night thanks to the Amby baby. She seems to really like it to. She usually wakes up content and lays there talking to herself. I know the pictures don't show happiness but its hard to catch her smiling on camera. I think the flash scares her. She's still in our room, but eventually will move on to her own room and crib once she sleeps through the night.
Want to see more info about the THE AMBY BABY? Check out the website under GOTTA CHECK OUT SITES

Mother's Day

My 1st Mother's Day!!
My mother was here with us enjoying her 1st grandbaby. Here we are at the Amtrak train station after church. Poor Crisitana is wearing another fluffy dress. Can you see how excited she is!!! Crisitiana gave me the best mother's day gift... she slept through the night for the very 1st time on Saturday night which gave mommy a well rested Mother's Day. When I say slept through the night I mean like 6 hrs. straight, but hey, it's definitely an improvement. So has she done this again??? Only 2 or 3 other days. We're still waking up for a 3:30 am feed.

It's Cristiana's 1st Easter. She doesn't look too happy to be in her fluffy dress, but then again I hate dresses w/fluff. I'm not sure why we make them dress like this.

Where's Cristiana???
This picture is a tribute to one of the best classic films E.T. I know.. it's not as professional as the movie, but I tried.

What a change!

It's amazing how much they grow in such short time. Here's Cristiana in the same outfit about 1 1/2 months apart. The change is unbelievable and incredible. I never realized it until I saw these pictures side by side.

Since I had ended up having a C-section Daddy helped out as much as he could during the first few weeks. He was in charge of diaper duty pretty much the whole 1st month and he never complained about it. He never even gaged :).

Cristiana's first professional photos at Kiddie Kandids . Only 3 weeks old but already working the camera !!!! Plus she added some special water effects all over her daddy. She was so small that even her premie diapers were not snug enough to hold her business in.

Let's just say that I was totally aware of my surroundings ( yeah right! ) and aware of what I was doing, especially with the baby.

Okay ... okay... I actually don't remember this at all.

Enjoy the clip

Cristiana Veronika Crespo
Born at Winnie Palmer Hospital on January 26th 2008 @ 1:52 pm.
She was 5 lbs 14 oz and 19" at birth.